Wellness is loving yourself unconditionally, so that caring for your body, mind, and spirit is a natural way of being that allows for your truest self to shine.
— Michele Lamoureux

Welcome!  My name is Michele Lamoureux.  I work with busy moms who want to make themselves a priority.
I believe that women need to focus on their desires to be truly happy and empowered.  This website is a lifestyle resource for moms who want to be inspired to make change, and offers simple suggestions to address the issues that they care most about.

Please join me on a journey to simple wellness through my video series, blog and coaching programs.  Tips on health, body, spirituality, fashion and career are just a few of the areas that I will cover.

I believe to live the life we most desire, is to take responsibility for the change we want to create.  Being first on our list of priorities is part of that journey.  Being your full, authentic, feminine and empowered self lights you up and the world around you.  Join me in illuminating yourself and this planet!