Client Reviews

After every session with Michele, I walk away with clear, refined monthly goals that are filled with purpose and encourage me to push myself. These goals are aligned with my own short & long term goals that I feel confident I can achieve. She constructs my thoughts and musings into the bigger picture and then helps to break the ideas into manageable, actionable items. She has been extremely instrumental in defining my brand through assistance in efficient marketing verbiage, identifying my areas of strengths and weaknesses, and pushing me to stretch my boundaries of self exploration. When developing a possible consulting opportunity, she provided valuable insight on how to approach the business aspect to ensure I stayed true to my brand and my business as well as ensuring my ownership rights were intact. She genuinely looks out for her clients with a warm heart, astute eye, and nurturing mind.
— Kirsten W.
Michele has an innate ability to listen carefully and then simply help one refine the issue, hope, or idea into a manageable solution. I always felt relieved and relaxed after I spent time with Michele and motivated to move forward. I love Michele’s creativity. As she listened to me she saw opportunity and helped point me in a direction to bring my dream to fruition. Because of Michele I now also get monthly massages, which helps my overall well-being and happiness. Michele is a wealth of knowledge and experience in nutrition, health and living a balanced life.
— Alison Berglund